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Established in 2005, Mission’s Learning to Work (LTW) programs serve 1,800 over-age and under-credited students across seven transfer public high schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. LTW addresses the education achievement gap experienced in under-resourced communities and alleviates barriers to high school graduation, attending college, and finding employment.


LTW engages students in activities that promote a deeper understanding of the opportunities available to them in the future.

Academic Achievement: In coordination with classroom and administrative staff, Mission provides tutoring and Regents preparation support, helping students complete their coursework with an eye towards graduation. Our staff monitors and encourages student attendance through direct outreach, and conducts home visits to prevent learning loss due to high levels of absenteeism.


Career Exploration & Readiness: Each year, over 250 students participate in paid internships to help them explore a variety of future career options. In addition, Mission Internship Coordinators prepare students for the workforce by offering trainings that cover topics such as: resume and cover letter writing, workplace conflict resolution, personal finances, financial literacy, and budgeting.

College Access: Mission actively supports students pursuing post-secondary education by helping them navigate prerequisites, applications, and financial aid processes. Counselors also organize college visits each year to expose students to options both within New York and out of state.

Counseling & Support: Mission Social Workers provide weekly counseling and referrals to critical services, addressing the important issues that impact their emotional health. Additionally, Mission creates various enrichment programs at each partner school – including social groups, sports teams, service learning programs – to help students both develop and strengthen their emotional well-being.



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