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Attend a Virtual Concert

As more and more festivals, concerts, and performances are cancelled across the country, musicians are going online to connect with their fans. Artists from all genres are posting videos, doing live stream performances, and more - ensuring that all of us have access to enriching experiences while concert halls and venues are closed.

Today, we're sharing a list of these online concerts, music exhibits, classes and more!

  • DJ D-Nice has been hosting virtual dance parties on Instagram Live, joined by over 160,000 people from around the world. The “Club Quarantine” schedule can be found HERE.

  • Live From Here, an American variety radio show known for its roster of folk and traditional musicians, is rebroadcasting past shows on their website. You can also watch host Chris Thile and friends perform #LivefromHome on Instagram. Search the hashtag, or follow Chris Thile for more.

  • The NPR Tiny Desk Concert catalog is full of incredible musicians from all genres performing at the NPR offices. You can find the concerts on YouTube by searching an artist's name and "tiny desk", or head to the NPR website.

  • The New York Philharmonic has started a new portal for free digital content called NY Phil Plays On. Their goal is to "provide comfort and connection to millions of classical music fans worldwide."

  • The Grammy Museum is releasing content regularly on the Museum At Home page on their website, including music production lessons, retrospectives of past exhibits, and filmed interviews and performances.

  • Billboard is hosting a Billboard Live at Home series with various artists - each of which raise money for a nonprofit partner of the the artist's choice, as well as answer questions submitted by fans watching from home.

Finally, many musicians are taking to Instagram and other online services to teach lessons, perform songs, or share videos for all music lovers. Search your favorite or local musicians online to see what they're up to over the next few months - you may find some amazing, uplifting, and fun performances to enjoy with the whole family!

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