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Summer Through the Decades

Over the past few months, the Mission Society has been journeying through the decades, with activities inspired by our past, present, and future. Participants enjoyed dress-up days and fashion shows, lessons on the history of dance and music, and STEAM projects that demonstrated the evolution of technology. We also got out-and-about in our history-filled city, and stayed active with fun scavenger hunts and our annual field day.

We’re so grateful to have facilitated another summer of amazing learning opportunities, and to spark curiosity, creativity, and fun for all of our students year-round. But before we look to the future, we want to invite you to travel back in time alongside us and celebrate some of our favorite moments from July and August. Take a look below to enjoy the highlights!

To find inspiration for this art activity, students went all the way back to 1503. After learning about Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, our participants grabbed their pens and paper to make their own masterpiece portraits.

Onto the 1740s! Students dove into the story of Benjamin Franklin, and learned about the ways his experiments contributed to our understanding of electricity. This was made possible with the help of our partners at Scholastic, whose 800-book donation ensured that each of our students added new reads to their shelves this summer.

Established in 1891, the New York Botanical Garden contains over one million living plants, and is filled with incredible educational opportunities for our students. Our visit to this historic location included amazing sights, lessons, and fun moments with friends.

Our students and educators showed off their totally tubular style as they donned their 80s and 90s outfits. Dress up days included decade-themed activities and fashion shows where students had a chance to show off their looks.

Students put on their engineer caps and worked together to build small robots, observing firsthand how far technology has come over the years. They also learned about other important technologies of our time through a variety of STEM lessons.

Encouraging a young person’s physical well-being is always in style! Our students stayed cool by participating in fun water games, and unleashed their inner-athletes at our annual Olympic Day - which included basketball, hula hooping, track and field, and more.

Thank you to the Mission Society community who made this summer possible, including our incredible staff of educators, and our brilliant students and parents. We are so grateful to everyone who helps learning come to life alongside our team, and we can’t wait to begin another year full of enriching opportunities.

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