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Mission’s Power Academy is an after school and summer academic enrichment program reaching over 800 elementary and middle school students at five under-resourced schools each year. Launched in 2001, Power Academy helps young people develop a deeper understanding of their skills, capabilities, and interests in an effort to create well-rounded students who possess strong academic, social, and emotional skills and the ability to advocate for themselves and others.

Power Academy deploys our proprietary, hands-on, interactive curricula:

Mission: Success supports students in developing five competencies: 1) self-management; 2) self-awareness; 3) relationship building; 4) social awareness; and 5) responsible decision-making. This evidence-informed approach to learning encourages students to discuss their thoughts and emotions and uses the arts and sciences as vehicles for self-expression, creativity, and emotional contemplation.


Innovation Station deepens students’ STEM skills by engaging their curiosity. Students design hands-on solutions to real-world engineering and technology challenges, developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a collaborative learning environment.

Pages to Stages is a dramatic arts-based curriculum, which seamlessly blends theatrical performance and academic enrichment to build students’ literacy and communication skills. Students enact and embody culturally-relevant folktales and fables in performances staged for audiences of fellow students, parents, and community members – simultaneously learning about theatrical production, set design, costume design, and acting.

LitUP! sparks our earliest readers’ enjoyment and confidence in reading. Students develop creative strategies for pronouncing, blending, and segmenting syllables in spoken words to develop foundational literacy skills.



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