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The mission of Power Academy afterschool and full-day summer camp program is to narrow the educational achievement gap through engaging hands-on activities that provide exposure to and application of STEM concepts and increase literacy skills through guided reading exercises and performing arts while supporting Social Emotional Learning.


Mission is committed to interrupting cycles of intergenerational poverty by providing educational programs that close the achievement gap in low-income communities.


We have designed three proprietary curricula that are aligned to common core standards for STEM, English Language Arts, and social-emotional learning.


Innovation Station provides opportunities for students to take a deep dive into STEM concepts learned during the school day by engaging in fun activities that explore the process of scientific inquiry through monthly hands-on “engineering” challenges like building a suspension bridge using gumballs and toothpicks! These activities provide the opportunity to increase their vocabulary, test hypotheses, work in groups, learn from trial and error and celebrate successes. Innovation Station builds grit, and self-confidence while instilling the values of team-building and resiliency.

Pages to Stages uses culturally sensitive folktales and fables together with the dramatic arts to reinforce foundational literacy skills and empower young readers at every level. Students read stories in these genres from around the world, while developing their ability to answer questions about a text, retell a story using key details and story elements, and understand the concept of point of view. In addition to building key literacy skills, Pages to Stages introduces students to theatrical production, including acting, costume and set design. At the end of each semester, students participate in a performance attended by parents, family, and their broader school community.

LitUP! is our earliest opportunity for intervention when closing the achievement gap. Designed for grades K-1 with consideration for English Language Learners, LitUp! builds foundational literacy through phonics and engaging read-aloud activities for children. Students master sight words, expand their vocabulary and learn a variety of decoding strategies to develop and improve reading fluency.



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