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We're so excited to kick off week two of LearnIN with the very first read-aloud of the summer, created by our partners at Scholastic Education. Today's story will be read by Tony-award-winning actress, LaChanze, sharing a book she wrote titled Little Diva

Little Diva is about a D.I.T. (diva-in-training) named Nena who wants to act, sing, and dance. To hear the whole story, and more on why LaChanze loves reading, click on the images above, or CLICK HERE. Enjoy! 


1-3 Minutes


Do each of the following movements for 30 seconds:

  1. Jump Squats

  2. High Knees

  3. Alternating Lunges

  4. Plank

Rest for 20 seconds. Repeat 2-6 times as desired. 

You can change movements to adapt to the need of your families. Remember to have different “levels” of body movement.


Download additional free resources from BOKS to help your kids stay active and have fun this summer. From activities, crafts, and recipes, to yoga and mindfulness, BOKS will have your kids moving & learning each day.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 2.52.42 PM.png

For our young museum goers and history appreciators, The Met has created an interactive, virtual program called MetKids, with numerous engaging components to explore. The site features a clickable map that takes visitors to different areas of the museum, and “Big Ideas” exhibits, which explore fashion, inventions, creatures, mythology, sports, and magic. Students can also travel by time machine to different historical periods. 

To check out MetKids and wander the museum from home, CLICK HERE.


Anyone can become a sculptor with just a few recycled materials! This week, grab some of those plastic bottles, bottle caps, egg cartons, and cardboard boxes and turn them into your own 3-D self portrait. Not only is this a creative way to reuse items from around the house, it’s also a great opportunity for students to express themselves and tap into their inner artist. 

To get started, you'll need to gather the recyclables, some tape, scissors, and glue, and use them to form your 3-D self portrait. Have your kids consider all the wonderful things that make them unique - including some of their favorite hobbies, pets, books, and more - and encourage them to incorporate those details into their masterpiece. 

This activity was created by the 50 State After School Project, the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network and the New York State Network for Youth Success in their Summer Activity Guide for students.


For new ways to keep your kids engaged with learning throughout the summer, think about how you can incorporate a passion project into your activity list. You can start by asking questions like:

1. What activities do you find most interesting right now? 

2. Is there a story or topic you've read about recently that sparked your curiosity? 

3. Have you discovered any favorite books, hobbies, or artistic projects that excite you? 

Passion projects are a great way to continue development outside of our usual classroom settings. By exploring projects that incorporate your children's interests, you can foster literacy skills and creativity, encourage problem solving and independence, and reignite their joy for learning.

Thank you for joining us for another week of LearnIN.

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