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Movement Mondays: Sports Poses!

Each Monday, our K-8 program staff will be sharing fun exercises and videos that will get you and your kids moving. We know how important it is to stay active while at home, and we hope these fun and simple activities will inspire you and your families.

First up: Sports Poses! See instructions on how to play the game below:

1. Create a list of sports or physical activities – on a piece of scrap paper, write down any activities you can come up with like golf, hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, and dance.

2. Pick 10 sports or physical activities from the list.

3. Stand up and come up with an action for each sport - for example, if you say “baseball”, the action might be someone pretending to hit a ball with a baseball bat.

4. Choose one kid or adult to be the leader - the leader will call out a different sport. When they say the name of the sport or activity, everyone must make that pose.

5. Continue to call out sports, making students switch between poses. Go faster and faster for each round.

6. Switch leaders and repeat!

You can also customize the activity. It can be done with all different categories - like

exercises (i.e. pushups, sit ups, wall sits) or animals (i.e. posing like a cat or an elephant).

We hope you enjoy the game - it is sure to get your family moving and laughing!

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