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Raising the Curtain on the Mission Society’s 2023 Impact Report

Read thoughts below from our Mission Society Board Chair, Matthew W. Mamak, who is launching our 2023 Impact Report and sharing why he champions our work of providing educational programs for students across New York City.

Today, I’m excited to raise the curtain on our 2023 Impact Report, and invite all of you to listen to the stories of the Mission Society’s biggest advocates. From educators who shape young minds  in our classrooms, to invaluable program partners who ensure resources reach our students, this year’s video demonstrates the power of community and collective action.

Working behind the scenes as part of the Mission Society Board of Directors has been an incredibly meaningful experience in my life. I have immense gratitude for the mentors who championed me, educators who instilled valuable social emotional and academic lessons, and programs that bolstered my learning and enriched my days in and beyond the classroom. This lasting impact is what fuels my investment in the Mission Society and every service they provide for our community of students.

My story is one of many similar stories from individuals who come together each year to create amazing lessons and experiences for our young people. Many of us have been greatly impacted by educational programs, and they still serve as the foundation for our success.

Beyond that, we know that educational programs are transformative outside of our schools. At the Mission Society, we provide social emotional skill-building extracurriculars. We spark economic growth by ensuring our young people have access to vital certifications and new career opportunities. We tap into our creativity to provide inventive, comprehensive art and science activities that ignite excitement for our youngest learners. Every day, we empower students at every stage of their journeys, from their first steps into the classroom to their next steps after graduation. I’m thrilled to be sharing this celebration of those efforts with you today.

I hope that you enjoy these stories from some of the amazing people who filled 2023 with learning, joy, and growth, and join me in investing in another year of exceptional programs for students and families across New York City. I can’t wait to see the leading role we will play in shaping the future!

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