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Shaping Tomorrow's Workforce

The Mission Society is hosting a Virtual Career Fair this October to highlight the variety of opportunities available to students after high school and college graduation - connecting young people with professionals and ensuring they enter the workforce with confidence. In this piece, we share the ways that our programs are dedicated to preparing students for the workforce and ensuring their future success.

Navigating the job market can be intimidating, especially for young learners embarking on the first steps of their professional journeys. This transition from the classroom to the workplace is a defining moment for our scholars filled with boundless potential and aspirations, but it can also be marked by questions and uncertainties. Support and guidance are invaluable during this pivotal phase, which is why the Mission Society is committed to equipping every student with the tools they need to forge a promising career.

Understanding the Challenge

For the bright minds we serve, the economic barrier to pursue a college education is often insurmountable. Many of our students come from households living below the poverty line and to support themselves and their families, require a quicker transition to the workforce. Some students envision entrepreneurial success outside the college setting, and others wish to pursue trades that require specialized training. In a traditional academic setting, these students may not have the opportunity to learn a trade or pursue vocations and apprenticeships aligned with their interests. This is where the Mission Society steps in.

The Mission Society’s Employment Pathways

To ensure our young people enter the workforce with their heads held high, brimming with confidence, we provide workshops and certification programs tailored for a variety of career paths. Our commitment goes beyond helping graduates secure a stable income right away; we take great pride in being among the first institutions to demonstrate that their options post-high school are limitless.

  • Through a collaborative effort with the Renaissance Technical Institute (RTI), a nonprofit organization in Harlem specializing in vocational education and training, we introduce our young people to valuable carpentry and electrician courses. This partnership empowers our students to not only learn a trade but to earn national certifications that can unlock doors to employment opportunities.

  • One of our programs provides high school students the opportunity to earn an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certification. It offers students specialized training, emphasizing workplace safety and health principles. This foundational knowledge prepares our students for various roles and boosts their credibility and demand in the job market. With an OSHA card in hand, our graduates gain access to jobs in construction and healthcare, as well as more specialized positions like hairdressers and orthodontic assistants.

  • Our paid internship program goes a step further, connecting students with in-depth learning opportunities and essential resources during their time in school. Young people are paired with mentors who teach students their trade and help foster an understanding of the structure and roles within an organization. By the end of the program, students have developed skills like identifying and solving problems, building interpersonal and professional relationships, and research and analysis. Additionally, the internship program provides students with crucial financial support which often contributes to their household income.

  • To further prepare our students for the job market, we’ve collaborated with Wabash College to facilitate mock interviews that simulate real-world job screenings. By connecting them with seasoned professionals, students develop crucial communication skills, boost their confidence, and gain insights into what to expect during real job interviews.

The Lasting Impact of Our Training

These certifications and professional exercises do more than unlock job opportunities. Our students become more employable and stand a better chance of securing roles that offer health benefits, competitive salaries, and more– promising greater financial security and the means for a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Our programs encourage a diverse group of talented, enthusiastic individuals to infuse career training with expert knowledge and unique perspectives– all of which have the potential to drive positive changes across the entire workforce. For Mission Society’s students, our career readiness programs pave the way for a bright and hopeful future.

Your Support Changes Lives

At the core of the Mission Society’s work is an unwavering belief in the boundless potential of each student, and your support makes our tailored training, meaningful partnerships, and commitment to transforming lives possible. Together, we can create change in the classroom, the workforce, and beyond, and ensure students have the resources they need to thrive.

To join us for job highlights, valuable tips, and expert advice throughout the month, be sure to explore our Virtual Career Fair today, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for future resources.

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