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A Vision for the Future

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

At the Mission Society, we develop programs for our high school students that provide access to a multitude of career possibilities. Our goal – through college and career counseling, internships, and one-of-a-kind tours – is to give students insight into the variety of professions that are within their reach after they complete their education. We want to help all young people make long-lasting connections, and demonstrate that there is an abundance of opportunities to turn their interests and passions into a successful future.

To that end, on February 10th, in partnership with Citibank and their Black Heritage Network, students visited Citibank’s headquarters to learn about the field of finance firsthand. This exclusive experience provided them with an in-depth and unique gateway into potential new career paths.

The afternoon began with meeting Vladimir Galiothe, a Managing Director in Equity Derivatives Trading at Citibank, who spoke about his background, passions, and how he found his way into his line of work. The conversation was interactive and engaging, with students asking questions, gaining advice about college applications and job interviews, and sharing some of their hopes for their futures. Vladimir shared many impactful stories, including one about applying and being accepted into his dream university when he was told it would be impossible. He used this as a way to encourage our students to always follow their own paths:

“There are going to be a lot of people who tell you that you can’t do something. But really, it’s up to you. Don’t let anyone limit you about what you can or can’t do.” – Vladimir Galiothe

After the discussion, they were led on a tour of one of Citibank’s trading floors, where they saw an exciting, bustling new environment and gained a deeper understanding of the work. Finally, the day ended in the lobby, at an extraordinary art exhibit curated by the Black Heritage Network.

The whole afternoon served to, in the words of Mission Society President, Elsie McCabe Thompson, “demystify success”. Each Citibank professional showed the students that their dreams for their futures are within reach, and that success is attainable.

We are so grateful to our partners at Citibank and the Black Heritage Network who inspired this realization. A special thank you to Vladimir Galiothe, Adrian Richards, Chris Guillaume, Tanya Fraser, Helen Steblecki, Dawit Wondimagegn, and Malik Day – without your support and generosity, opportunities like this tour would not be possible. We look forward to continuing to work with Citibank and other partners as we open doors for our students!

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