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Back to School at the Mission Society

Back to school season is well underway in New York City, and the Mission Society team is excited to begin a new year full of possibility with our students. Returning to the classroom always reminds us of the heart of our work – that education is our most empowering tool for success. We can’t wait to see how our young participants dive into their learning journeys and grow throughout the course of our programs.

Students are not the only ones who are headed back to school this fall. Our staff will also be participating in vital professional development and training opportunities throughout the year, as we make new concerted efforts to extend our educational support to the incredible employees that make our work possible. Our staff is at the core of everything we do, and we want to ensure that we’re providing them with the same strong foundation we offer our participants – instilling them with invaluable skills and the confidence to envision a bright future as they navigate their lives and careers.

One of the most impactful ways we achieve this goal is through structured professional development programs. We hired an in-house specialist who offers training sessions for program staff, which encourage employees to pursue growth in their roles. The sessions equip them with knowledge that can be used in their year-round work.

Managers also collaborate closely with their teams, making sure each individual is progressing towards their larger career ambitions. After completing an assessment, regular discussions are held to determine how employees can get the most out of their current position, develop targets for both short-term and long-term efforts, and build out the next steps in their career journeys – whether they plan to stay with the Mission Society or move on to another organization.

Lastly, we have an ongoing collaboration with our partners at Citibank to share invaluable financial resources with staff members. Together, we facilitate quarterly seminars on personal finance, home buying, affordable housing, investing, and more. Attendees are free to ask questions at any time and engage in productive discussions with Citi’s team of financial experts. These sessions fill a crucial gap in supporting our community, helping them find answers to complex issues and plan for important decisions beyond the professional sphere.

The Mission Society aims to be a positive force in the lives of each member of our staff. The work is ongoing, with frequent discussions around how we can create more space for employee advocacy and bring even more accessible, comprehensive development opportunities to the forefront. We are looking forward to witnessing the growth and accomplishments of our team, and steadfastly supporting them as they pursue their dreams for the future.

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