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Celebrating Black History Month

A core tenet of the Mission Society’s programs is the belief that uplifting diverse voices in our classrooms has a profound impact on our students. That is why each Black History Month, we celebrate Black innovators, artists, and activists, and create space for discussions about our country’s ongoing struggle for equality and justice. These activities show our young people the inherent potential and possibilities for their futures and demonstrate that each person has the power to ignite change. The growth, engagement, and enthusiasm of our students remind us of our responsibility to champion inclusivity in learning – in February and year-round.

This year, students participated in research projects and played educational games that allowed them to explore history through the lens of Black Americans. Mission Society educators curated virtual field trips, during which students viewed the paintings of prominent artists like Jacob Lawrence and learned about the civil rights movement through photographs. In addition, we organized a series of events – including one special evening recognizing Black poets through live readings of selected works – and celebrated historical heroes, like ‘Brave Aviator’ Bessie Coleman and 'Catalyst for Change' Shirley Chisholm.

As an organization that believes in education as a powerful tool for change, we feel an important responsibility to confront the realities of injustice and champion diversity through all of our work. We’re grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our communities, engage in necessary conversations with our students, and share the stories throughout history that are often missing from our textbooks.

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