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Celebrating Over Two Centuries of Achievements


Lloyd Brown, Alvarez Symonette, Tim Little, Elsie McCabe Thompson, Stanley Rumbough, Emily Alva, Matthew Mamak, Laura Flavin, James Peterson, Peggy Bader (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

New York, NY (May 2, 2024) – On April 30th, the Mission Society of New York City community attended a Seeds for Growth Soirée at The Campbell, celebrating over two centuries of achievements and the long standing impact of the organization’s quality educational programs. 

Hosted by Stanley and Leah Rumbough and sponsored by E.F. Hutton, the Mission Society Board of Directors, staff, and old and new friends gathered to toast the incredible work of all of the individuals who ensure that students receive in-depth academic and social emotional support. 

Chairman of the Board, Matthew Mamak was in attendance, sharing, “I’m so proud of this community, and everything we have achieved together. Our work is instrumental to young people in and beyond the classroom, and plants the seeds for a lifetime of success and limitless possibility. I’m thrilled to be here today to recognize all of these incredible efforts.”

Stanley Rumbough, the fourth generation in his family to proudly serve on the Mission Society Board of Directors, shared the organization’s incredible history as the oldest nonprofit in the country, reflecting on the unwavering dedication to serving the most vulnerable communities in the city: 

“The Mission Society has emerged as a beacon of hope to provide essential support to those in need. Our reach has only expanded, with programs that nurture leaders and foster a sense of belonging. We are not only here to celebrate this rich history, but also reaffirm our commitment to creating a future where every child and every family has the opportunity to thrive.” 

Since 1812, the Mission Society has been a source of quality support and resources for the most underserved New Yorkers, helping them to plant seeds for brighter futures. The Seeds for Growth Soirée was a powerful recognition of this impact, and a moment to look ahead to more years full of invaluable, transformative educational opportunities for all students. 

Media Contacts

Sara Elghobashy, Mission Society of New York City

About the Mission Society

Since 1812, the Mission Society of New York City has worked to end multigenerational poverty by building the lifelong educational capacity of New York’s most vulnerable youth and families. Each year, they provide over 3,000 students with a suite of afterschool, summer, college access, and career readiness programs at 12 public school programs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. To learn more, please visit their website at

 Leah Rumbough, Stanley Rumbough, Matthew Mamak (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

Sterling Strings (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

Kamelia Dari, Lindsey Crane, Jessica Lam (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

Dawne Marie Grannum, Jean Shafiroff, Stanley Rumbough, Penny Grant, Ruth Miller (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

Tiffany Johnson, Elsie McCabe Thompson, Matthew Mamak, Jean Shafiroff, Tim Little (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

Steven Chin, Rema Davis, Alvarez Symonette (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

Ben Loveland, Lea Loveland, Danielle Magnus (Photo Credit: Keenon Perry)

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