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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’re celebrating the many ways educators enrich the lives of our students every day. Behind every student, there is a teacher that believes in them and wants to ensure they have a brighter future. They are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to inspire, motivate, and educate, and their influence extends far beyond the classroom.

In recognition of our educators and their profound impact, we spoke with TeeJer Nelson, an exemplary educator, who shared the many reasons why teachers deserve extra credit.

10 Reasons Why Teachers Deserve Extra Credit

1. They dedicate their time when we need it most Teachers often spend long hours at school, take work home, or provide extra help to students outside of regular classroom hours, but for TeeJer and many others, putting in the extra effort is worth it. “Investing my time in students is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.” Teachers want nothing more than to see students thrive outside of their classroom, even if that means dedicating more of their time.

2. They are passionate about helping us overcome obstacles Teachers are passionate about their work and are committed to making a difference in their student’s lives. Watching their students succeed in areas where they once doubted themselves reminds them how far they’ve come, and further ignites their passion.

3. They encourage us to unlock our full potential A teacher’s encouragement can make a significant difference in a student's life. TeeJer notes, “Without encouragement, it’s challenging for students to give their best effort. That’s why I make it my duty to encourage students every day.” Many teachers, like TeeJer, help students feel valued and supported, and provide them with the motivation they need to reach their full potential.

4. They are committed to our growth and success Teachers are dedicated to their student’s growth and development and go above and beyond to ensure that they are progressing. They often introduce new and engaging lessons, use real-life examples, and ask thought-provoking questions to promote a student’s growth.

5. They create safe spaces for students Teachers often develop strong personal connections with their students and care deeply about their well-being. TeeJer adds that “When you love what you do, you love the ones around you.” They are mentors and role models and create safe spaces where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and asking for help when needed.

6. They shape our perspective of the world Teachers have the power to shape the way young people view the world, and are mindful of the influence their words can have on students. With this in mind, they choose their words carefully and strive to be positive and constructive in their communication with students. As TeeJer shared “The magnitude our words can have on a child’s self-esteem, effort, and views on the world is sensitive. Seeds are planted every day, but it is our duty as teachers to make them positive ones.”

7. They bring joy into our lives Teachers create atmospheres that are filled with joy, making students feel comfortable and excited to learn. Many students look forward to attending class because of the warm, welcoming community they build in our classrooms.

8. They ignite our curiosity Teachers have the power to inspire students with lessons that lead to groundbreaking ideas. They empower young people to think critically and independently, equipping them with the skills they need to achieve their greatest ambitions. TeeJer emphasizes that “A great educator will teach you how to think for yourself and can spark ideas that can change the world.”

9. They make us feel valued, heard, and supported A teacher’s unwavering love and support can make a lasting impact. They listen with open hearts and minds, encouraging their students to be the best versions of themselves.

10. Their influence reaches far beyond the classroom Teachers are the backbone of every profession, shaping the future leaders of our world. They provide the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for success in any field, and are the foundation of our society. TeeJer reminds us that “Education is one of the most important things in this world, and it wouldn't be possible without teachers.”

Thank you to TeeJer Nelson for sharing the ten reasons he believes teachers deserve extra credit, and emphasizing the invaluable role they play in our lives. We would also like to thank our Mission Society educators for all of their incredible efforts in our classrooms and the impact they’ve made on our students.

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