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Coming Together in Unprecedented Times

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The strength, resilience, and success of the Mission Society would not be possible without our community of supporters. Year after year, you ensure that each of our students have opportunities to thrive - from empowering new readers, to encouraging college aspirations, to creating welcoming spaces for all young people. Each time we reach out and ask you to join our efforts, your response goes above and beyond our expectations.

This has never been more evident than this past spring, when we came together to face the unprecedented and unexpected challenges caused by COVID-19. With your help, we established an Emergency Relief Fund to aid those most heavily impacted by the pandemic, including the 75% of Mission families who live below the poverty line. Because of your contributions, we -

Thank you, from all of us here at Mission, for helping our community through your generosity and partnership during this crisis. In uncertain times, you have enabled us to continue learning alongside our students, as well as facilitate additional services that have lessened the burden on our families. As always, we are filled with gratitude for your support, and for the impact you have made on the lives of young people and their parents.

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