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Congratulations Class of 2021

We’re tossing our caps for the Class of 2021 at the Mission Society, celebrating the academic achievements and exceptional growth of our new graduates. Each year, we’re thrilled to sit front and center, and cheer on another group of young people entering high school, heading off to college, or kicking off new careers. Graduation always fills us with hope and excitement – for our students’ brilliant and bright futures, and the leadership and love they are sure to offer our communities and beyond.

Taking the time to honor our graduates is vitally important, as is recognizing the profoundly impactful, transformational journey each of our students took to arrive at graduation day:

All of us at the Mission Society are grateful for the opportunity to offer support and resources that ensure students thrive. We know that when young people leave our programs, they have had the chance to find their voice, build their path to ongoing success, and develop the skills they need to enter the world with confidence. We hope you will join us in wishing all of the graduating students an enthusiastic congratulations, and best of luck on the road ahead!

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