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Encouraging Environmental Stewardship

Engaging with nature in our classrooms holds immeasurable value for our students. Each time young people head outside to care for school gardens or volunteer at a city park, they are taking part in important lessons that will profoundly impact their academic journey and life beyond school - awakening a sense of responsibility and empathy, connecting with the larger world, and developing curiosity and critical-thinking skills.

This year, when understanding and caring for our environment is more important than ever, we're building out new ways to incorporate environmental stewardship into our classrooms. Along the way, we've found a few resources that we're excited to share with you and the young people in your lives. Take a look below for ideas, activities, crafts, and videos that will help ignite a love of nature - on Earth Day and year-round.

  • Check out the Mission Society blog for a list of Online Wildlife Adventures. Informational videos from zoos and aquariums are a great way to bring the great outdoors to all students.

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