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Fostering Young Engineers

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Innovation Station, one of Mission's K-8 curricula, incorporates a variety of hands-on STEM activities that introduce young people to engineering principles and the process of scientific inquiry. Students are given opportunities to tackle engineering challenges, test hypotheses, work collaboratively, and expand their vocabularies. Additionally, a significant component of the Innovation Station exercises include trial and error, which helps our students grow their confidence and resilience.

One of our first Innovation Station projects of the year included the research and creation of aid drop packages. Tasked with creating their own version of an aid drop package using their research and problem-solving skills, the students built and tested various prototypes. In the process, they learned about both the engineering behind the packages, and how to adapt and try again when early experiments did not turn out as planned.

Every kind of learner had the opportunity to connect with the project, from absorbing the reading and visuals of the articles to participating in the creation and testing of packages. This is what ultimately determines the success of each Innovation Station exercise: not the results of the experiments, but the ways in which the students take in new principles and engage with learning in new ways.

Stay tuned for more news from Innovation Station this year!

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