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Introducing New Leadership

The Mission Society is excited to introduce Dr. V. AnnDenise Brown as our new Senior Vice President of Program Operations. Dr. Brown has been a valued member of our staff and community for many years, most recently serving as our Senior Director of Children’s Programs. In her new position, Dr. Brown will oversee Power Academy and Level Up, bringing her enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion to our middle, elementary, and high school offerings.

In the last year alone, Dr. Brown has shown extraordinary leadership as our in-person services transitioned to remote learning. She cultivated a culture of resiliency, creativity, flexibility, and humor, and worked alongside her staff to ensure that our virtual doors remained open to all of our students and families. Now, we’re looking forward to the days ahead, and to all of the bright possibilities of our programs with Dr. Brown at the helm.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Brown, and wishing her luck on this new journey with the Mission Society!

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