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Paying It Forward This Giving Tuesday

The Mission Society staff does more than just educate -- they provide our students with approachable, meaningful, and compassionate relationships. Their understanding and empathy in the field enables the Mission Society to create well-rounded experiences that promote both social and emotional health for our scholars, motivating them to be their best selves and fulfill their ambitions.

For many of our staff members, these skills were refined when they were participants enrolled in our programs. Their lives were so impacted by their mentors that they decided to come back, hoping to give the same experience to future generations. Watch the video below to listen to some of their stories:

Our educators took the opportunity to pay it forward by investing in our students and so can you. Your gift is vital for our ability to provide necessary support and mentorship to our community. By donating on this Giving Tuesday, you enable the Mission Society to give our scholars the holistic experience they need to make their ambitions a reality. We hope you join us today!

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