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Season of Gratitude: Stanley Rumbough

The Mission Society is celebrating this season of gratitude by shining a light on the people in our community who make our work possible. Today, we’re celebrating Stanley Rumbough, who is carrying on his family’s legacy through his dedicated leadership on our Board of Directors.

Stanley Rumbough is the third generation of his family to become an integral member of the Mission Society Board of Directors. Following in the footsteps of his grandmother and mother, Stanley joined us forty years ago, and has brought his unique perspective and talent to lead our organization as we serve our communities. This rich history is one of the things that inspires him most – knowing that our work remains impactful after many years and helping us ensure our success well into the future.

Being part of an organization that values this sense of commitment and community makes Stanley excited to carry on his family’s legacy of service. As part of our Board, this service looks like sharing the importance of the enriching programs we offer students and families across New York City. Over the years, he has helped to expand our reach and generate necessary resources that filter directly into our classrooms. His advocacy is instrumental to our vision of closing the opportunity gap, and making academic, career, and social emotional programs accessible to all.

Stanley has also made contributions to the Mission Society that go above and beyond his philanthropic efforts. Tapping into his career experience as an architectural photographer, Stanley has visited our schools and taken photos of our students in action – from their participation in fun athletic activities to joyfully learning in our after school programs. His photos have captured some of our most meaningful memories, and give us the ability to further highlight and celebrate our work. In addition to using his creative skills, he’s offered his time through volunteer efforts. In previous years, he’s joined us for our Fall Harvest Feast, sharing a warm, holiday dinner with our Harlem neighbors.

The individuals on our Board are working each day to bring crucial resources, stability, and new ideas into our programs. With their partnership, we can see that our future ahead is bright, and that we will continue to have the ability to offer robust programs to students and families. We’re so grateful to Stanley for being one of these individuals, and leading with dedication and compassion during his forty years as a member of our community.

Before you go - to continue our celebration of gratitude, we asked Stanley to tell us why he's Grateful for School. Check out his answers below, and join our celebration on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by sharing your most meaningful school moments!

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