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Why Afterschool Matters

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The staff and educators at the Mission Society of New York City have always been strong advocates for afterschool programs, seeing firsthand their impact on a student’s future. At the forefront of this work is our evidence-informed curricula that allows us to build meaningful relationships in safe, structured, and welcoming atmospheres, as well as provide students with enriching academic opportunities.

Both students and parents, at Mission and beyond, have benefited from the

educational activities, social-emotional support, critical childcare, and in-depth services provided by afterschool programs.

  • 93% of Mission Society students shared that they were better able to understand and control their emotions in class after participating in Power Academy programs.

  • 73% of Mission Society parents said they were able to work more hours or obtain a job with their children enrolled in our Power Academy program.

  • 68% of students who attend afterschool programs improve their homework completion and class participation. (Afterschool Alliance)

  • More than 70% of students in STEM afterschool programs express more interest in and knowledge about careers in science. (Afterschool Alliance)

Despite this tremendous growth and success in the field, afterschool and summer camp initiatives continue to fall on the back burner. Over the last two decades, grant-funded youth programs have experienced major budget cuts, which most heavily affect young people and their families in already underfunded communities. Without the promise of secure, long-term sustainability, it will be incredibly difficult for these vital programs to expand and reach students in need.

Opportunities for afterschool learning truly matter to each member of our community. That is why we hope you consider joining our work, and ensuring that these programs persist by making a tax-deductible donation. A contribution of any size will be instrumental for our students' and families' success, allowing us to continue to provide spaces in which they are set up to thrive.

Facilitators of afterschool programs remain resilient in encouraging positive development. Even during the most difficult times, we are determined to use our creativity and passion to adapt, and find innovative ways to provide much-needed programming to under-served youth. Thank you for your partnership, and for your consideration of this work.

Post written by Mission Education Associate, Camille Roddey.

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