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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This fun, at-home Alphabet Scavenger Hunt is a great opportunity for students to engage with spelling practice in a brand new way. The exercise gives them a chance to move and explore while learning, practice writing, understand words in context, and also get a little bit creative. We hope you and your children enjoy trying out this new way to learn letters!

Here are our instructions for the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt:

  • Begin by having students write down all 26 letters on a piece of paper.

  • Send students throughout your house to search for objects that begin with the letter of the alphabet. For example, perhaps they choose "table" for the letter "t".

  • Once they find the object, have the student write down the word next to the letter on the piece of paper.

  • For younger children, encourage them to use invented spelling - writing all the letters they can hear in the word without adult assistance. For Kindergartners, just finding the objects is enough! They can write a check mark next to the letter or cross them off.

  • Challenge older students to find multiple objects or write a sentence with the “found” object in it.

An additional idea - you can even use technology as part of your scavenger hunt! For example, if you have a cell phone with emojis, have kids find an emoji for each letter of the alphabet.

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