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Exploring Space through Arts & Crafts

Throughout the summer, our K-8th grade students have been learning about all things space, creating their own constellations, papier-mâché globes, starry nebulas, and more. These artistic voyages inspired us to share a few space-themed crafts, so the families in our community can bring the fun into their very own homes.

With the help of our Scholastic partners, we've put together a list of out-of-this-world activities to encourage learning, creativity, and exploration. From scavenger hunts to lunar treats, these crafts are sure to bring you and your families some joy!

  • Mission Society students had a blast with the Oreo Cookie Moon Phases activity - an opportunity for snacking and learning at the same time!

  • To learn more about the starry sky, try creating these Marshmallow Constellations. Our students did a similar activity using pipe cleaners and beads, which is a great way to incorporate craft supplies.

Thank you to our friends at Scholastic for sharing these amazing resources with the Mission Society community. We hope these activities inspire your families to explore the universe in new ways!

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