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History at Home

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Mission Society students have always loved visiting the New-York Historical Society to learn all about the stories of our city. Though we are still unable to take our students on an in-person field trip, we are thrilled that the library and museum has created a new, virtual platform called History @ Home. The project includes a variety of ways to continue engaging with history, like weekly, free social studies classes online, daily lesson plans for K-12 students, and workshops and happy hours for educators.

Below, we share a bit more about these in-depth resources, and where you can find them:

Online Social Studies Classes for K-12 Students - In these weekly online history classes, New-York Historical Educators lead "engaging and interactive U.S. history investigations in real-time with student participants." They detail that the lessons are "content-based, inquiry-driven, and thematically and developmentally appropriate for each grade served."

History Responds for Teens -This initiative encourages teens to "keep and share diary entries on their experiences with the Coronavirus pandemic" in whatever form they’d like—digitally, analog, video, voice memo, and more. Students may "become a part of the New-York Historical Society’s collection, so future generations can understand the historical moment we are living through."

Resources for Educators - History @ Home also provides teachers with opportunities to connect and further their professional development. Through workshops on Zoom, teachers can access New-York Historical Society's "digital resources, learn American history content, and collaborate with colleagues from the comfort of their home.' Additionally, they are offering digital happy hours on Thursdays to further connect with other educators.

Daily Lesson Plans for Teachers & Parents - Once a day, the museum shares one history lesson plan designed to engage students in social studies remotely. Each lesson plan includes slides, activities, and links to additional resources. You can sign up for the mailing list to receive these lessons directly in your inbox.

Thank you to the New-York Historical Society for providing our communities with so many opportunities to engage and learn!

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