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How Listening Boosts Learning

Many of us have fired up our favorite podcasts to keep us company on long car rides, trips to the grocery store, or while doing chores around the house. But did you know that audio content can be an asset to a student’s learning journey? Audiobooks and podcasts add another dimension to read-aloud efforts, serving as a way to expose children to complex language, brand new stories, and other valuable educational benefits that they can take with them into the classroom.

Below, we’re breaking down a few of these benefits, as well as sharing a list of some podcast recommendations that are fun for the whole family. We hope you discover new stories and add learning by listening to your roster of engaging activities this summer!

Improve Academic Skills

Just like reading, audio content builds literacy, communication, and critical thinking skills. Listening can also help young people recognize speech patterns, the pronunciation of challenging words, and more.

Ignite Imagination

One major benefit is that audio sparks creativity in listeners, because it asks us to visualize the story we’re taking in - inviting students to develop a proclivity for imaginative thinking and play.

Take a Break from Screens

Audio content provides families with entertainment that doesn’t rely on videos and screens, but is still educational and engaging.

Learn as a Family

Incorporating podcasts or audiobooks into the day is a great way to build in shared experiences throughout the summer. Listening together will also start in-depth discussions for the whole family, bolstering communication skills.

Read with Your Eyes and Ears

Listening to a book while reading along is a powerful opportunity to build on literacy learning. The process will help kids get better at sounding out words and comprehension, because of associations they will make between what they're reading and hearing.

Build Stamina

Listening to audiobooks and podcasts builds a young person’s capacity to focus for longer periods of time as they grow - serving their time spent in classrooms and completing assignments.

Raise Reading Levels

Children might enjoy listening to stories that would otherwise be far too challenging to read.

This exposure to more advanced content serves in strengthening reading comprehension earlier in a child’s literacy learning journey.

Hear Directly from Experts

If your kids have a particular interest that they hope to explore further, podcasts and audiobooks created by experts can mean more reliable sources for deep dives into fun topics.

Move While You Listen

For kinesthetic learners who focus best when they are able to move their bodies, listening to an audiobook can provide the perfect opportunity to get up and dance, wiggle, or wander while taking in information.

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