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Rainbow Words, Silly Sentences, and more!

As part of Mission Society's after school programs, our teachers have come up with some engaging ways for students to review their weekly spelling words. Here are a few of our suggestions for making spelling fun:

Rainbow Words - Make spelling practice artistic by writing words in all the colors of the rainbow.

Silly Sentences - Have a few laughs together by using spelling words in silly sentences.

Type it up! - Allow students to type words on the computer, tablet, or in a text message.

Scavenger Hunt- Have your students write their spelling words on small pieces of paper or index cards. Next, have a parent or sibling hide the spelling words around the house. Start the clock and see how quickly they can find their words.

Red and Blue - Learn about consonants and vowels by writing consonants in red and vowels in blue.

We hope these tips help the young people in your life, and give them more reasons to look forward to weekly spelling practice!

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