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Shining Bright Year-Round

During the past school year, we've seen concerns over summer learning loss rise to new heights. Studies indicate the average student can lose 17–34% of the prior year's learning gains during summer break, and those who lose ground one summer are more likely to feel a recurring impact in subsequent years. In the midst of a pandemic that has presented considerable challenges to school communities, especially those in under-resourced neighborhoods, we understand the fear of falling behind.

In response to these concerns, the Mission Society is ensuring access to year-round, enriching programs that reinforce the academic knowledge gained in the classroom and explore real world applications of these lessons. We're immensely grateful for the chance to connect with young people and facilitate safe, joyful spaces where creativity and curiosity take flight.

This summer alone, our team led programs that engaged young people and encouraged their ongoing development. Our K-8 students lifted off to space, with a roster of exciting, galaxy-themed literacy and STEAM activities. High school students participated in skill-building projects and income-generating internships. All of us enjoyed a season packed with exceptional learning experiences.

Now, after logging a successful summer in the books, we’re back to school and looking forward to the year ahead. Our educators are taking stock of what they have learned during the past few months, as well as during their time in virtual classrooms. With undeterred hope, we’re laying a strong foundation, maintaining our streak of programs that combat learning loss, and working each day to uplift students and families. We want to close out September and head into the rest of the fall highlighting this hope from our team. Here's some of what they're looking forward to most this year:

Thank you to the Mission Society educators who have remained dedicated to providing high quality opportunities for students. Check out more of our hard work from the summer - like our curation of space-themed activities, reading list, and reflection on remote learning – and be sure to continue with us on our exciting learning journey.

We’re sending a big thank you to the individuals who shared their hopes for this piece, including Llina Garcia, Kristen Jester, Tiffany Johnson, Lorraine Mignotte, Wendy Nicholas, Jonathan Pinque, Emanuel Roderick, and Waleska Salcedo.

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