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Thanking Our Hidden Teacher Figures

The Mission Society is celebrating this Season of Gratitude by shining a light on these often-overlooked but vital teacher figures within our programs who make our work possible. Join us as we give thanks to the mentors and role models for so many of our students and highlight the invaluable lifelong lessons we learn from each of them.

All year round, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the remarkable mentors in our classrooms whose dedication and influence enrich the lives of our students day after day. They are believers in our students when they are still learning to believe in themselves; they are the motivators who inspire us to reach for our dreams, and they are very much part of the blueprint of who our young people will become in the world once they step outside our doors. Today, during this season of gratitude, we’re highlighting the hidden teacher figures who often work behind the scenes, yet their impact is immeasurable. For the social workers, dance instructors, martial arts teachers, and coaches in our programs, we’d like to thank each of them for shaping the lives of our students and passing on lessons that extend far beyond textbooks.

Social Workers & Counselors: Nurturers of Hearts and Minds

The social workers at the Mission Society are compassionate listeners who offer vital social-emotional support to our high school students. Their life-changing counseling services help our students overcome the barriers standing in the way of their academic and career success. They offer a safe space for vulnerability and help our young minds navigate complex emotions, instilling resilience and teaching valuable life lessons. From building self-esteem to fostering empathy and kindness, the social workers in our programs ensure the well-being of our students. Their support reminds our young people that they have someone in their corner, and for this, we are incredibly grateful.

Dance Instructors: Catalysts of Self-Expression

Our dance instructors are more than teachers of choreography; they are mentors who empower our students to find their unique voices and express themselves openly and authentically. As they prepare our after school participants for exciting dance recitals, they encourage them to communicate their thoughts and emotions through movement, reaching into every facet of a student's life. For many of our young people, having a dance instructor in their lives is an opportunity to be inspired, to have their creativity nurtured, and to become more confident in themselves. We extend our gratitude to them for celebrating individuality and helping our inner light shine even brighter.

Martial Arts Teachers: Cultivators of Character and Confidence

The martial arts teachers in our afterschool program serve as guiding lights for our K-8 students, shaping well-rounded individuals who are prepared to tackle adversity head-on. Their teachings provide our youth with a solid foundation for personal and academic growth, instilling values and skills that go far beyond the dojo. These mentors cultivate confidence and resilience while emphasizing the importance of determination, ethics, and goal-setting. We are grateful for their ability to mold not just capable warriors but also empowered, compassionate individuals ready to face the world with both heart and strength.

Coaches: Team Builders and Motivators

Coaches motivate our young people, both on and off the field. During our annual Olympic Day and basketball tournament, they teach our students about the value of teamwork, leadership, and the importance of setting and striving for goals. Through the shared victories and camaraderie they foster, coaches help our students build a strong sense of community. They emphasize the power of collaboration and the significance of uplifting our peers, reminding us that we are stronger together. We give many thanks to these inspiring mentors who enrich our lives and encourage us to persevere and never give up.

Our classrooms extend to dance studios, martial arts dojos, sports fields, and more, where we find remarkable hidden teacher figures who are instrumental in shaping the lives of future generations. The lessons we learn from them are invaluable, teaching students to be resilient, compassionate, and confident, and through their support, they ensure students thrive in and out of our programs. As we celebrate gratitude, join us in recognizing and appreciating these hidden teacher figures, whose dedication shapes the hearts and minds of our students.

To join our Season of Gratitude celebration, tag us on Instagram and Threads and share your favorite hidden teacher figure with us.

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