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Create Your Own Book

At Mission Society, we are always seeking out new and engaging ways to incorporate literacy lessons into the classroom. We've shared some of these ideas as part of our Distance Learning Library - like the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt, the Spelling Jar, and Read-a-Thon Bingo. Today, we're combining creativity, reading comprehension, and spelling into one fun activity for the family.

Create Your Own Book

1. Have your students pick their favorite topic - fiction or non-fiction - and think about a story they might want to explore.

2. Use the tutorial HERE to have them create a mini-book. All you need is one piece of paper and a pen or pencil (or some crayons and markers if your kids want to add more colors).

3. Tell the story! Have your kids write out a few sentences of their story in their mini-books and decorate them as they see fit.

4. When they're done creating, children can read their stories out loud to the rest of the family.

We love that through this exercise, students will spell out words, put together sentences, use their creativity, and even practice reading aloud. We hope you and your families also enjoy this easy-to-do-at-home project!

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