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Meet the Driving Force Behind the Mission Society

The Mission Society’s team of educators, counselors, social workers, and more, are the driving force behind our invaluable services each year. Their commitment to our young people creates a ripple effect across our communities and throughout our city. They are not just in the field, they are on the front lines, prioritizing the well-being of our students, leading each day with compassion, and actively showing up for our participants and their families– they understand that our work extends far beyond our classroom doors. 

Today, we’re thrilled to honor a few of the remarkable individuals at the heart of our work and recognize their acts of service shaping our programs and the future of our youth. We hope you will join us in celebrating these key figures, whose passion and efforts will propel us forward into a year filled with promise and lasting impact.

For more ways to discover the incredible efforts of our school staff, learn about our Hidden Teacher Figures working behind the scenes, reasons why teachers deserve extra credit, and how the Mission Society is powered by educators

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